MHD 5150 Pickups – All They’re Cracked Up to Be


Got a set of 5150 humbuckers from Rayne at MHD in September. Rayne describes them as “9k+ A5 These are a medium output pickup. Great sustain and balance. Covers everything from blues to hard rock. They clean up remarkably well with just a roll of the volume knob on your guitar. Clean, clear and, articulate is the best way to describe these.” I agree and might throw sensitive and versatile in, too.

I bought them for a LP copy I got used a few months before. It played well but sounded dull and lifeless, particularly in the neck position. A borrowed Duncan distortion for the bridge improved things but didn’t give me the sound I wanted. Rayne suggested his 5150s and I’m glad he did.

His description is right on. Both pickups are balanced, bringing out the lows that the Duncan didn’t while remaining clear and very articulate, both clean and with gain. There’s no harshness, just smoothness and bite when I want it; no mud or wooliness, just clarity and definition. I can dial in beautifully vintage tones with both pups then turn up the drive and they sound better than the Duncan (which was made for distortion).

I highly recommend the 5150s. I’m really pleased because they make my LP copy sound almost like the real deal. I can only imagine how good they sound in a $3000 guitar!

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