MIB type pedal after fuzz


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I'm running a more or less American voiced amp. 25 watt vintage supro. I would compare it to a deluxe reverb with less scoop, less hi-fi sound. I'm thinking it might sound great with a MIB type pedal. Which ones work pretty well into a hot amp with a fuzz in front? I'm leaning toward the BoR, or DLS mk III, but I'm open to suggestions. I'm not looking to spend a ton either.


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Not sold as a MIB pedal, but the Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver gets well into that territory and sounds great with my Keeley Monterey in front of it. I'm running a clean Fender-voiced amp.


Love my Plexidrive Deluxe for this situation exactly. Active TMB controls to help with eq options and cutting through a live mix. As a point of reference tho I am going into a Marshall 18 watt replica....

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