Mic placement for a PRRI


For those that have to mic their amp, where are you finding the best spot is? Off-center a few inches? Directly pointing at the amp or not?

I have a PRRI and just trying to find out if there is a "sweet spot" for this specific amp (stock with 10" speaker).


I usually have it pointed off center: usually straight at the amp but about 2-3 inches off the center of the speaker works best for me. It is usually about 1-2 inches from the grill cloth. I also use a SM57--it works pretty well with the PRRI and counters just enough of the slight mid-scoop of the amp--not too much though, just enough. I have gigged it this way 2-3 times a month for the last 6-7 months and it sits pretty well in the mix. It got even better when I switched to JJ 6V6s, according to a few people in the audience.

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