Mic stand for Deluxe Reverb?


Just wondering what mic stands are available for recording a small combo. I don't have much room around the amp, so a boom stand with a large base probably isn't going to work. It needs to get a mic holder to just under 12 inches from the floor, and be stable enough to hold a condenser mic.

I've got a stand by "Altai" which has a small die-cast base and a single telescopic arm which pivots at the base (to adjust the angle and hence the height from the floor) of the arm. The un-extended arm is just over 1ft long. It's probably not too bad a solution, but to get the mic at the right height the arm is angled at around 20 or 30 degrees from the floor, and that puts the mic quite a bit out from the base, so I'm nervous it might topple.

I suppose I could raise the amp, but it's sitting on an isolating platform.

I'm not sure if they're still available, but are those holders which go under the amp handle any good, or is there a better solution? I'm in the UK, if that makes any difference.


The biggest problem with mic mounts that attach to the amp is the lack of isolation - you'll tend to pick up more vibration/rumble than with a separate mic stand. They work ok for live use, but probably not ideal for any serious recording.

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