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Mid shifts on amps


So I guess its different on every amp. But I've noticed a couple things recently on two completely different amps that have this "similar" feature.

On one amp (fender based) the mid shift switch increases brightness and gain. At least it seems to increase gain. Not sure if it compresses also but it seems to a little. Basically, IMHO it makes it better (easier) for rock lead playing.

So my other amp has a mid cut switch. Its a Marshall. It seems to increase to gain and make the amp more compressed and metal sounding. Great for tightness and liquid lead playing. I've also noticed on most amps if you cut the mids you seem to get a little more gain and more compressed tone. Maybe not the best for cutting thru but they seem to play easier and sustain more to my ears.

So is this gain thing on most amps a real thing or just a percieved hearing thing? I would think adding mids would increase actual gain, sustain, ect...But on most amps I've tried other than the first one mentioned its the opposite.

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