Midi 5 pin to 7 pin - this should work but just to be sure


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Hi all -
Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to do damage here - I'm pretty sure this is fine.

My rig just went over to midi, and wanted to make sure this was ok. Previously I was running an H&K Grandmeister with a Rocktron Midimate. I added in a G Lab M2L midi loop. So rig goes Midimate > M2L > Grandmeister. The issue I ran into is my cable from the head to the board. It's one of those 7pin > 5pin with a barrel jack for AC power to the midimate. I don't need the power as I use my board PS to power the midimate. I'm running 5 pin cables from Midimate to M2L to a coupler at the board (sort of a patchbay). If I run 7pin out of the H&K to the board and then the 5pin into the board, I'm carrying phantom on the 2 extra pins that are going to the barrel jack, I believe. Since that's not plugged in, it should be fine just sitting there I would think.

Before this, I would run the same cable, 5pin out of head to 7 pin on midimate side, AC adaptor plugged to barrel jack. It worked fine. Is it universal that pins 6 and 7 carry phantom?


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