Midi Controller Causing Noise When In Daisy Chain

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When my RJM Mastermind midi controller is connected to a DC power daisy chain with my Korg tuner and Atomic Amplifire there is a very noticeable noise/hum around 110 Hz, made worst on gain settings, and regardless if the midi cable is connected between the controller and Amplifire or not. The Atomic Amplifire is reverse polarity, positive on the inside of the barrel, so I'm using an adapter for that. All other devises have positive on the outside barrel. I've tried other devises in place of the tuner and regardless of what I put in it's place the noise persists. I've tried different power supplies with the same results. When only the Mastermind and Amplifire are connected to the same power supply chain there is not any noise.

What could cause the Mastermind to cause noise when something other than it and the Amplifire are daisy chained with the DC power supply? The signal chain is pretty simple. Guitar>tuner>Amplifire>powered monitor. A guitar doesn't need to be plugged into the tuner for there to be noise. If the tuner's output, or any other devise part of the daisy chain power, is not connected to the Amplifire's input there is no noise.

Previously, I used a Boss GT-100 with the Amplifire sharing the same power supply without any noise. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
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