Midi Help for Pod HD 500


I tried posting this at Line 6 but I cannot get the website to accept a new discussion. It keeps giving me an error and erasing what I typed. Pretty Annoying. Anyway here are my questions:

Ok, so I am new to midi. Never used it before. I recently bought the H&K Tubemeister 36 that has 3 channels and midi. I have the Pod set up effects only in the four cable method and that is working pretty well, thanks to all of Jim Reynolds' helpful posts and documents. I want to be able to change channels on the amp as it didn't come w/ a footswitch but I wanted to clear a couple things up first:
1.) I know I can set it up on a per patch basis. I think what I have to do if I understand it correctly is hit midi learn on my amp, then pull up the patch and on the unit or in Edit and choose the footswitch, leave on midi ch 1 which is the amp default, and the message should be Program Change. Then I'd hit the footswitch again and hit midi learn on the amp to save it to one of the 128 slots on it. Am I missing anything here?
2,) If I wanted to set up say 1 patch with some effects and including the effects loop and eq it took 7 footswitches, would I also be able to set it up so I could have 3 of the switches also switch between the channels on the fly within the same patch? If so, how would I do this?
Any help would be appreciated. Also any ideas on setups and midi implementation would be great.
Thanks in advance!

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