Mighty-Mite Pickguards.... My opinion.


I'm in the process of flipping a Fender bass, which came as a black body, with a tortoise shell pickguard. This combination is an acquired taste at best. Black just doesn't go well with shell.

I've had few offers for the bass, even though I post really good photos. As an experiment, I decided to change the guard to a white one, thinking white on black was a more traditional look, and might appeal to more buyers.

I searched Ebay for a replacement, and came across an ad for a "new" Mighty-Mite 3 ply guard for about $7.00 shipped. I ordered it, and it arrived fast. I went to put it on the bass last night, and while it fit fine, and all the holes lined up perfectly, it just didn't look that "good".

Compared to the Fender PG, the bevel around the edges was "shallower, which (from the front of the bass), made the 3 layers look thinner.

Also, the quality of the plastic just didn't look as good as a factory Fender PG.

Still, it did change the look of the bass, and to many, they likely wouldn't notice the "slight" differences in quality. (And $7.00 shipped is pretty cheap for any new pickguard.)

If the bass sells, I plan to sell the tortoise guard (it still has the plastic on it), on CL.

Would I buy another Mighty-Mite guard? Yeah, probably, as long as the guitar isn't something I'm especially particular about, and if the price was low.

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