Mike, Some Mullard 6V6G Coke Bottle Tubes


Mike or any other Tube Pro who knows about old stock,

I have some old Mullard 6V6G Coke Bottle Tubes, and some GEC
that I will photograph later.

But I wanted to know about these tubes, are they 1950s and maybe 12 watts? This shield Logo is supposed to be the late 50s early 60s?

Mike, Take me to school.;..

I have a special Tweed Champ Set-Up to test tubes, it has new Sprague Atom Filter caps and two NOS PIO Astron .022/400v coupling caps. I run a Mullard 12AX7
in V1 or a 5751. I use the Raytheon 6087 rectifier.

These old Mullard seem to make deep Bass and overall good sounding;.
I notice more tone change with the 12AX7 tube vs. the 6V6.





These are the tone caps I use in my Tube testing tweed Champ, these are very good as you can really hear the difference in how the different tubes sound.



Wicked cool, I've got a single old Marconi 6v6g that kicks ass too, only comes out for special occasions.

Blue Strat

Rumor has it that Mullard never actually made 6V6s. From the little I can see of the top micas they might actually be Mazdas. There was quite a bit of relabeling that went on in Europe as well as the US.

40's to 50's at latest. Definitely 12 watts.


Thanks Mike,

That makes perfect sense, these have the double getter and the flashing is near perfect with strong readings on both tubes, I have a Hickok 539C machine and these are a good set.

I'm looking for the GEC set, they have the brown boxes with the horse-hair packing stuffing, looks like that triangle or Military looking symbol on the Box if I remember correctly. They have those GEC stickers on the glass. I have not powered them up yet.

Thanks Mike, you really know your business.

I found another tube that looks like it has 6 filaments connection to a ring-tree at the tip, It says something like Duralast or Duralite #110 Engraved on the base.

I have never seen another one like it and nothing on the internet when I type in all the info on the tube itself. I think that tube is locked in the safe I need to check.

Thanks for your Opinion, It's fun to learn what some of this old stuff is.,

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