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Miley Cyrus' new song "Adore You"....Big Hit?


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Well, I realize that what we like in music is very subjective, but.......the song is in tune, the timing is good, it's rhythmically consistent, the singing/moaning isn't out of tune, so it's "good" music in all of the objective terms that we can use to judge music. Now, subjectively one might not "like" it personally, but I don't think that makes it any less "good."
My first impression (because I'm not going to listen again) was that the timing/phrasing of the lyrics were awful--absolutely no sense of prosody. But what does that matter, I think she was close to naked (I couldn't look).


i like Miley, but not this song or that video

country is her strong suit, just wish she would go full on country, and lose the pop stuff. I feel the opposite of Taylor Swift: she needs to go full on Pop and lose the pseudo-country

this is the good stuff right here:
her voice has soul and some pain too, as well as natural twang

and her singing Jolene..badass!
(link to her unplugged show the other day)
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