MIM Fender Lead 3

Picked one of these up from an online retailer recently. It arrived in good shape and the set up was pretty good out of the box. The neck is on the chunky side but easily playable. Frets work was level and polished but there are few fret ends that need minor touch up. The finish is clean and smooth with no blems. The nut is slotted perfectly. After a set up with .10s this guitar has become my primary noodling/writing guitar and sits on a stand next to my recliner. Its always there ready to grab. I really like the body shape. Its smaller than a strat and the shape is comfortable standing or sitting. I always wanted one of these but the originals have shot up in price and most didn't age well. When this was reissued I had to get one. The coil splitting options and switching may be the reason Fender only made these for a short period when they first came out. Players may not have liked some of the tones produced by this configuration of switching. I was surprised I didn't much care for this because it is cumbersome to use on the fly if you change pickups between neck and bridge a lot ; the single coil splitting ads more options however and there are different combination that produce sounds not available in standard setups. I put locking tuners on it and will replace the neck eventually as well as the pickups. Not sure what material the bridge is made of. It is a keeper for me and for an inexpensive guitar the quality is quite good. Is it perfect? No. Its not a custom shop job or a US made higher end price point guitar. I see it as more of a utilitarian guitar for me. Others may see it as a step up if they are upstarts or hobbyists. You cant go wrong there. It looks great and plays pretty good. Overall I'm pleased with it but will make improvements over time. I would buy a US made version in heartbeat.

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