MIM lefty strat whammy bar block stripped

Aaron Mayo

I have a MIM lefty strat. I really like the guitar but in order to have the screw-in whammy bar feel right I have to put teflon tape on the threads because the block is stripped out. Do I need a new block? I suppose there is a way to re-tap the hole and get a thicker whammy bar but I will eventually have the same situation I do now.

I know Callahan puts a nylon sleeve in the hole and this supposedly alleviates the issue. I don't believe they make a block for a lefty MIM though. These guys do: http://www.killerguitarcomponents.com/store/tremolo-blocks/fender-squier-blocks

It's kinda spendy and I don't know if that is a good system for stopping the hole from stripping.

Any other ideas?


If you want the bar to stay where you leave it, the only solution I know is teflon tape with the MIM trems. You have to keep putting the tape on though over time.

American Standard trems can have one of the small springs they sell dropped into the hole & the bar will stay where you leave it. Won't work on a MX trem though as the spring will just fall all the way through.

Not sure on other options to upgrade the whole block or trem unit that would offer the nylon sleeve or allow the spring method.

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