MIM Wide Range Humbuckers: Basic, "No Mods" Pickup/Pole Piece Height Settings?


For guys with the Mexican AlNiCo version of the WRHB's, how do you have them set up in your Tele Thinline?

I'm not interested in modding my WRHB's. I simply want to get feedback on some basic, "above the pickguard" setups (that is, pickup height and pole piece height) for achieving optimal tone.

Right now, my neck and bridge pickups are set to 4/64" on both sides, and all pole pieces (that is, the tops of the mushroom head screws) are set flush to the pickup cover.

What works for you?


A good ball park starting point might be to adjust the the pole pieces to the radius of the fingerboard. Than drop the ones that seem excessively loud. My understanding is pole peices sense the core of the string more than the wrap. So some strings will ring stronger than others. The idea is to achieve the best string to string balance possible. Then perhaps raise or lower the pickup to taste.

Your string choice and action height come into play here. There are no rules.

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