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Minstrel; what boost in front?


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I realize there's been quite a few Minstrel and other Kingsley threads but I'm trying to figure out a specific thing.
Ok, trying to nail down the right boost for this pedal. I'm using the minstrel as the main OD tonal platform for my small board. It's set at a lowish gain. I'm trying to find the right OD/boost to kick the minstrel up another level. I had been using a Bearfoot Minivibe with the amplitude off and just using the volume- it's cool and really does a nice boost but limited as a tone shaper and a bit harsh when boosting clean tone. I've also gone back to a KTR and am finding some good results after messing around with the two together.

In a nutshell I'm after 4 sounds with this board;
- clean (just the amp)
- enhanced clean (with just the booster)
- slightly overdriven (just the Minstrel)
- medium OD tone (Minstrel and boost)

The KTR is probably the winner but wanted to see what other Minstrel users do for this kind of goal.

I'm using a variety of guitars into a 1964 Deluxe Reverb.


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I've used a tc Spark, and a Barber Gain Changer, which both worked pretty well but now I'm using a Barber Butn Unit EQ, which is the best for me.

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