Sold *MINT* Marshall DSL100HR (Newest version) 100w Amp Head w/ Reverb 100 HR


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$600 shipped to the lower 48.
As far as trades... Nothing in particular. Give a shout what you have. I can add cash.

I took this item in on a trade and is in drop dead MINT condition. I traded a very expensive amp for some items that were purchased during Christmas and not used, literally for more than a couple weeks. This is one of those items. Totally stock, comes with all the paperwork, footswitch, cables, original box, issues with it and runs like a top. These new re-voiced HR DSL's really sound a ton better than their predecessors. This amp can cover a huge spectrum of tones and the clean channel is actually kick ass. Each channel has dual modes so it really behaves like a 4-channel amp. It can also cut the power down to 50w and still sounds punchy. The 100w when opened up, sounds glorious....very punchy.

With the Marshall 6-button footswitch (optional), you can tap into each of those modes per channel, on the fly. I highly recommend it. This comes with the stock footswitch that comes with it. It will come packaged in the original shipping container, etc.

New these go for $899 and to be honest, are a bargain even at that price. you'll be surprised at how good these versions sound.

Here's some specs & info:

100 watts of primal Marshall tone

Marshall's DSL100HR is an all-tube, twin-channel beast capable of conjuring any classic Marshall sound — past or present. Four ECC83s in the preamp section (in concert with the amp's gain/master volume arrangement) give you stunning tone-shaping mojo, and with four EL34s in the engine room, you've got the volume to rule any stage in the world. Sporting, in fact, precisely the same tube complement and feature set as the original DSL100, this monster has critical upgrades that give you even more control over your sound. You now get a Resonance control (as opposed to the original's fixed deep switch), letting you dial in your preferred amount of low-end girth. You also get studio-grade digital reverb (instead of spring), high and low power settings, and an effects loop. Marshall has even included a 2-way footswitch for channel switching and FX loop on/off.

The DSL series — a revered tonal heritage

The Marshall DSL100HR hails from a revered lineage. Marshall introduced the JCM2000 Dual Super Lead (DSL) series amps in 1997. Right from the get-go, these all-tube monsters enjoyed enthusiastic approval by guitarists and the press alike, forming the backlines of top acts in all musical genres and bludgeoning audiences worldwide for a decade before being replaced by Marshall's JVM series (a musical powerhouse in its own right). Considered the go-to rock amp by many tone-savvy guitarists, there is considerable pent-up demand for Dual Super Leads. And thus, Marshall is proud to introduce the new-and-improved DSL series.

Softube speaker-emulated output

Marshall has teamed up with software mavens Softube to create exceptional tones in their CODE series of amplifiers, and they've joined forces again on the DSL100HR. Its line output features an accurate emulation of Marshall's iconic 1960 speaker cabinet, allowing you to plug directly into a recording chain with confidence. Guitarists at Sweetwater love flexible recording options, and the DSL100HR delivers.

Marshall DSL100HR Tube Amp Head Features:

Capable of conjuring any classic Marshall sound — past or present

2 channels — Classic Gain and Ultra Gain

Each channel features two modes — Clean/Crunch and OD1/OD2, respectively

High and low power modes allow you to dial in appropriate volume for any setting

Line output with Softube's accurate emulation of a Marshall 1960 cab

Highly effective Resonance control replaces the original's fixed deep switch

Refined EQ section gives you incredible tonal flexibility

Studio-grade digital reverb

Bypassable rear-panel series effects loop

Included 2-way footswitch for channel switching and FX loop on/offView media item 190952View media item 190951
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