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Sold Mint (read: New!) Neunaber Immerse for your Delay, Flanger...

TD Moyer

Silver Supporting Member
Had a weak moment and ordered a new Immerse Reverb after watching a Pete Thorn video (hasn't that happened to us all!?!).
Plugged it in for all of half an hour before realizing all the 'verb I need is inside my Ox Top.

So...thought I'd offer it up here in trade before taking my option to return it...


Looking for Delays;
  • Catalinbread Belle Epoch
  • Catalinbread Echorec
  • Diamond Memory Lane 2 (I'll kick in $$)
  • Diamond Memory Lane Jr
  • Providence Chrono Delay (I'll kick in $$)
  • Strymon El Capistan (I'll kick in $$)
  • Strymon DIG (I'll kick in $$)

Looking for Flangers;
  • Hartman Flanger (I'll kick in $$)
  • Longamp Roxanne (I'll kick in $$)
  • Retro-Sonic Flanger

One overdrive ('cos someone's going to try);
  • Bondi Sick As (I'll kick in $$)

and my elusive old vibe ('cos magic sometimes happens);
  • Oxfuzz Oxvibe Sick As (I'll kick in $$ AND heaps of gratitude!)
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