Miracle Cloth equals Gorgomyte??


A few weeks ago in one of the other Gorgomyte threads there was a discussion about whether it is the same as Miracle Cloth.

So I took a chance and ordered three packs of Miracle Cloth from their Canadian supplier. http://www.mpcloth.com/

Total cost: $10 (they had a deal on their website). Price of Gorgomyte for three packs (in the new size): $30.95 (including shipping).

My Miracle Cloth arrived today.

As far as I can tell it is the same product. The cloth smells like Gorgomyte but is slightly thicker and it's not as damp --- but it worked just as well if not better. The cloth went very black as soon as I started using it (just like Gorgomyte but even more black and faster).

After using it on my PRS SC 245 I have to conclude it's the same product --- at a 1/3 of the price!

Note that Gorgomyte recently changed the size of their cloth --- and coincidently enough it's the same size as the Miracle Cloth.

Gorgomyte comes in a resealable bag --- Miracle Cloth does not. Guess what I'm going to be putting in a Zip-Lock bag....


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Yes, all indications are they are the same except for the resealable bag.

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