Miracle Cloth equals Gorgomyte???


A few weeks ago in one of the other Gorgomyte threads there was a discussion about whether it is the same as Miracle Cloth.

So I took a chance and ordered three packs of Miracle Cloth from their Canadian supplier. http://www.mpcloth.com/

Total cost: $10 (they had a deal on their website). Price of Gorgomyte for three packs (in the new size): $30.95 (including shipping).

My Miracle Cloth arrived today.

As far as I can tell it is the same product. The cloth smells like Gorgomyte but is slightly thicker and it's not as damp --- but it worked just as well if not better. The cloth went very black as soon as I started using it (just like Gorgomyte but even more black and faster).

After using it on my PRS SC 245 I have to conclude it's the same product --- at a 1/3 of the price!

Note that Gorgomyte recently changed the size of their cloth --- and coincidently enough it's the same size as the Miracle Cloth.

Gorgomyte comes in a resealable bag --- Miracle Cloth does not. Guess what I'm going to be putting in a Zip-Lock bag....


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This is excellent news. I'm a big Gorgomyte fan...or should I say Miracle Cloth fan.


I'm convinced it's the same stuff.

Both are folded up inside the same style of wrapping paper (that somewhat waxy, thicker plastic and anyone who has Gorgomyte knows what I mean).

When I first ordered mine from the Miracle Cloth website I rec'd an e-mail back from the company saying shipment would be delayed a few days as there was a problem from the warehouse in California (a fire IIRC).

The order came a few days later.

I'm not saying that Gorgomyte is simply coming from Miracle Cloth and being put into Gorgomyte packages but perhaps the Gorgomyte company is getting it from the same factory/warehouse in California as the Miracle Cloth people.

However, I have no proof of that --- I'm just thinking out loud.

Nonethless, I'm ordered more Miracle Cloth next time I need some --- it's doing the same thing, looks the same, smells the same, feels the same...but at a much, much lower price.


Interesting your results vary from mine. As you can see in the picture below , the Gorgo cloth I have is thicker than the Miracle Cloth. that's why I posted the picture for first hand viewing. You said that the Gorgo cloth you had was thinner than the Miracle Cloth. Is the Gorgo you have the GHS stuff that has been licensed out, or the same package as I had below? Just wondering if there is a difference. You had also said the inner plastic wrapping was the same, where mine are not. One thing for sure is that the Miracle Cloth is not packaged well and they are dried out once you get them, where the Gorgo is wrapped and sealed and stays damp feeling. At least the Gorgo I get direct from Jimmy Johnson.

Like I said, I think it is nearly the same stuff, just with an additional treatment, or possibly special ordered in bulk by JJ with a heavier treatment to it. I have no experience with the GHS variant.



I put all my MC in a Ziplock bag because it will dry out with time --- the sealed Gorgomyte bag solves that problem.

The packages of Gorgomyte I have are the same as yours --- ordered from his website. They are at least 6 or 7 months old now.

If they aren't the same they sure are close....and the MC works 100% as well as Gorgomyte IMO.


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Vindicated! I asked this question here a while back. You can get the Miracle Cloth form Budk online for around 3 bucks. I've been using it for about a year and it is indispensable! I use it on every guitar I work on. Makes those frets mirror perfect. Glad someone took the plunge to get the Gorgo and do the comparison. Any chance of shooting some video of it and putting it up on YouTube or something?

UPDATE: My Bad, I use Magic Cloth. Here is a link. $1.98/each just wait for .01 shipping. It goes on special about once a month or so.

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I always thought the stuff in the Miracle Cloths smelled and worked like the cleaning agent in "Nevr-Dull
Magic waddiing.


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I got some Gorgomyte at Christmas and suspected the same thing so I bought some Miracle Cloth and I'm convinced they are the same.

One give-away is the coconut smell (though it seems not everyone can smell it). On some of the Gorgomyte product descriptions, it says, "It's chemically treated with natural oils (nice mild coconut aroma) to condition and enhance the beauty of fretboard woods". And Miracle Cloth is clearly marketed as containing coconut oil.

BTW, they're not the same as Nevr-Dull, which I also have a can of. Nevr-Dull has a more solvent-like smell than Miracle Cloth - and without the coconut :)


I think the pricing on Miracle Cloth has recently changed. Its no longer available on mpcloth.com for that reason.

I think now, its the same price (or more!) as Gorgomyte... at least online.


Single Sheet
- 1 6x9 sheet of Miracle cloth is $9 plus high shipping at miraclecloth.com
- 1 6x9 sheet of Gorgomyte a is $10 plus shipping at StewMac or Gorgomyte.com

In the 3 pack
- 3 6x9 of Miracle cloth are $20 plus high shipping at miraclecloth.com
- Unknown amount of Gorgomyte is $19 plus shipping at MF.
- 3 6x9 of Gorgomyte at $39 plus shipping at Gorgomyte.com

I ordered 6 sheets of Miracle cloth from mpcloth.com (old size, old price) just before they discontinued it- havent got it yet. I'm sure it will last quite a while, but after that, looks like Gorgomyte will be the one more readily available.

While I haven't found it locally yet in Canada, itcan be bought direct via http://www.gorgomyte.com/Puchase4.html with reasonable shipping.


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