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Mismatching Hardware


Is it okay to have a 72 Tele Deluxe Black on Black with all chrome hardware and to put gold straplocks on it?

Can I write that off as being unique or having "mojo?"


I have an anniversary edition Fender tele that has gold hardware. Well, I guess I should say used to have all gold hardware. I took some metal polish to the bridge because it was tarnishing a little and to my surprise it took all the gold off the bridge. Dang... So then I took all the gold off the neck pickup, too. haha... So now it's very mismatched. Haven't had anyone say it's weird yet... Not that you can really tell. Sounds great, though.

I don't think you'd be able to see the straplocks anyway...


Depends on how you wear it, really.

The mismatch can be quite effective if you genuinely don't give a damn how it looks: a look in itself, and one very difficult to achieve (it can't be done consciously)

You asking about it is a bad sign, though.


My custom LP has gold hardware and I wanted to the pickups to be Duncan Seth Lovers, so I asked a friend to bring me a set over from the UK when she came to visit me (they were very expensive here in SA at the time) but forgot to tell her they should be gold-covered, not nickel. At first I wasn't sure about this untill I plugged in the guitar and it blew me away.

Now, after a couple of years, the gold hardware has tarnished a bit and the nickel covers on the Duncans aren't shiny anymore. The guitar now has some serious mojo and looks like the absolute workhorse that it is and everyone who plays it wants it.


Well, sometimes it's cool, other times not. I have a Setzer Signature and the thing about it that bugs me is it has mostly gold hardware, but has an aluminum Bigsby instead of a cool gold Gretsch Bigsby, and it has brushed aluminum Sperzels. They do make brushed gold Sperzels, but I'd rather have had the Grover Imperials the original 6120s might have had. I'd change it all, but I hate to mod an expensive guitar when it is fully functional as is.

RL in Fla

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Straplocks ? STRAPLOCKS ???? Don't talk about the straplocks !!! :D

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