Missing data when transferring my music playlist to usb stick

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  1. MetalHex

    MetalHex Member

    Nov 6, 2019
    I have all my music ripped from cd's stored onto my PC. I use Win10 and use WMP for my media center. I copy and paste my entire library to my usb stick. Then I go into the usb folders and see that my entire library has been successfully copied to usb stock.

    I plug usb stick into car and realize that there are some albums missing. I go back and think maybe I missed some. So I format the usb and start over again. This time, as well as copying my library to usb stick via WMP, I also copy all of the source folders from my hard drive directly to the usb drive folder. Still, not everything is there when I play in the car. But it's not always the same albums (folders) that are missing....it seems to just be some random ones missing. One time, it was all my Yngwie albums didnt transfer, this time, all the Yngwie albums are there, but now all of my Mercenary albums are not there. (Doesn't make sense because I copy and paste the whole library in one fell swoop....its not like I skipped over anything. Also just ripped and transferred the latest Omnium Gatherum cd that I got..., but it doesn't show up when I look for it when I'm in my car.

    Doesn't make sense to me....considering I've formatted it a few times. One other thing is that not all the titles of songs and/or artists transfer properly either. When I put my library on random shuffle in my car, certain albums pop up without the name of the artist, when the information is all there on my pc. Why cant all the album folders and data just transfer over 100% with no problems whatsoever?
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    Jan 2, 2019
    First - might try to ask a mod to move this to the pub where it will get more eyeballs.

    Second - Try copying your library in smaller chunks to make sure everything is there as you go.

    Third - Many media formats (file types) are just container types. The actual information inside might vary within a given container type (.wav is a good example of this). It's possible that your stereo may not have as vast of a codec library as your computer.

    Fourth - Your stereo may have a limit to how large of USB stick it can read. for example if you're using a 32GB stick and the stereo can read max 16GB, I suppose any number of funky things could happen.

    Resolution -

    Copy the data in smaller chunks. Once the data is transferred, verify the information on another device. Try again in the car.

    Check the manual for any size of file type limitations. Also check for file system requirements if any (I've seen a number of older/cheaper USB stereos that don't like NTFS, for example).

    Report back
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  3. MetalHex

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    Nov 6, 2019
    Mods, can you please move this to the Pub so I can hopefully get more anwers? Thanks.

    Wow thanks! If I recall correctly I think it is a 32gb stick but the amount of music I have only fills about half of it (have to check on that again). So there should be plenty of room..I would think that if there were a size limit either on the stick or in my car, then it would always be alphabetically, where it would run out of room as it got closer to p,q,r,s for example, but its weird that it seemed to skip over the band Mercenary, but then the other bands that start with letter M, are there, and then continues to fill up all the way down to the letter Y artists.

    Also, I have had the all the Mercenary albums play in the car, (before a previous formatting) just fine. So there shouldn't be anything wrong with the information from those folders.

    I will try all of the steps you suggested and report back. Thanks again.
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