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Sold MJM London Fuzz - Original/Classic germanium FF, Chase Tone BC108 Blue Stardust (silicon)


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* Some killer fuzz for sale!

* MJM London Fuzz (original/classic Ge Fuzz Face) - some paint nicks, but functions perfectly! What started it all from MJM - A beast, fuzzy, wooly, unpredictable and sweet.

- $215 shipped/paypaled…

* Chase Tone BC108 Blue Stardust...discontinued, and oh so lovely! So versatile...capable of sweet liquid lines to all-out Hendrix silicon Band of Gypsy tones. In excellent condition, w/ box.

- $220 shipped/paypaled…

* Greer Lamplighter (optical compressor)...$SOLD!
* Pigdog Prosecutor (MKII.V Tone Bender) - $SOLD!
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