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Sold MJT based Tele build/Rutters/Antiquities/Emerson


up for sale is my MJT 60’s Relic style Telecaster build. This is made of all high end components and was luthier built and set up. Killer finish on this one and is set up to play... seriously gives up the goods and hangs with my Fender Custom Shops

-MJT Aged body and All Parts TROC neck (also aged by MJT)
-Med/Light Relic with nice finish checking
–All hardware aged by MJT
-Duncan Antiquity 2 pups
-Marc Rutters Compensated Brass saddles
-fender bridge/plate
-Emerson Custom Vintage Tele Wiring kit (pots,caps,jack)
-Electrosocket jack cup
- bone nut
-plenty of fret life left

$1050 Shipped and pp’d / No Trades please


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