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I am about to take the plunge and aquire the home recording studio I have wanted for so long. Here is my setup as I imagine it. I am posting it as I am new to recording and hope I am not missing something. Any advice???? Recording mostly jazz fusion type stuff.

Apple MacBook Pro, 17", Core 2 Duo, 4 GB Mem, 320 GB Hard drive.

Logic Pro 8

Superior 2.0... percussion

Apogee Duet... I record alone. Never more than 2 inputs at once. Ensemble?

Fractal Audio Axe-Fx... input for guitar and bass

Good headphones... monitors come later.

Will need a good all around mike or two.


Aside from guitar, bass and drums, what other instruments would you mic. As you might know, the SM57 fits into a lot of needs just right, but discussing mics is like discussing politics or religion. It really depends on what you are planning to record though. Everything so far seems good. But i recommend getting good monitors first, unless you live in an apartment situation. Listening to mixes is a lot more natural through monitors, obviously. I personally only use the cans to listen to something closely that's bothering me, or checking cues. But it's all preference. Good luck with your studio!

Also, how can i forget. Get a good External Hardrive. Not only do you use it for backing up everything. You would stream your information from it to your computer, relieving stress on your hardrive making everything quicker and more reliable. Two biggest factors, 7200RPM speed, and FireWire800.


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Get a nice terabyte external hard-drive and install Logic on there if you dont need to be independent of the power cable. It will help your computer stay fast and not bog it down as much.

Whatever music you are recording find out what mic that sound is usually recorded with and try to get something in your price range that has similar qualities of what you are going for or is a clone/actual mic that is on those records. I would say get at least 3 and try to find a cheapo one or two from wallmart or radio shack just for color.

The Duet sounds like it will be perfect.

If it is a home studio think about the space you are working in. When you are first getting started even if none of your budget goes into acoustic treatment it should be on your mind. What your space will allow and how much work it needs. If you get set up first and get to know the space you may then better apply acoustic treatment where it is needed and not just in the conventional places.

Good luck, have fun, read the Logic manual, and watch youtube. Also read up on recording in general because DAWs really are studios in a box and anything you learn can be applied. Also get interviews of producers, engineers, or mixers who worked on your favorite albums to pick up on tricks that made the sound that you love.


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Jazztone... I am headed down the very same road. Not trying to hijack the thread, but maybe we can compare notes? Here is my early plan:

Computer platform: I own a dual core mac... and have a macbook pro fro work.

Input preamp: Presonus firepod or firestudio.
I dual amp periodically... that plus a room mic put me over two inputs. I also plan to record some rehearsals live... so a mic for each side of the room (two guitars) and a vocal line from the PA mixer.

Software: The presonus comes with Cubase and I own Garageband. Thought I would start with that. Lots of effects, processors and instruments are packaged with both.

Monitors: will likely use a pair of B&O two way shelf speakers I have to start with.

Headphones. Looking at a pair of AKG's. They seam to be a big bang for the buck just to get started.

Microphones. I have a few SM57's and SM58's and a pair of PMZ's that will probably get me started.

any input here is welcome...


Good proposed set-up.

If you only use 2 inputs max at one, the Duet is great. For the rare times you need more, if you're in an urban centre, you could just rent / borrow another interface.

+1 on the need for an external drive.

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