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Mobile TGP Theme - Compact Text/Icon Driven

Discussion in 'Interactive Administrator Threads' started by Scott Peterson, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Scott Peterson

    Scott Peterson Staff Member

    Jan 3, 2002
    The most requested feature for TGP has now been installed and ready to roll out to everyone.

    The Gear Page no longer supports or will use Third Party apps for access due to a variety of performance and security issues. The Xenforo platform we use is device responsive; which means it automatically scales to whatever device and orientation (portrait vs. landscape) you prefer on any platform or hardware device. Use the browser of your choice.

    Member Requested Feature and Preferences
    The request for a mobile friendly compact text and icon only driven theme has been heard and is now installed in both a light and dark variety depending on your personal preference.

    Avatars On/Off and Horizontal/Vertical User Information
    You can also - within your preferences under your Profile choose to have the member information horizontally or vertically laid out and/or turn avatars on or off. Your choice works universally across any of the TGP themes available.

    How to Choose Your Style
    To change your theme you use the "style chooser" on the lower left corner of the forum. Click on whatever your current style is and it'll pop-up the style chooser and you can then choose whatever theme you prefer. That in addition to your preferences (avatars on/off and horizontal on/off) should give you whatever sort of user experience you choose.

    The Available Choices are now:
    TGP Classic - light (default)
    TGP Classic - dark
    TGP Mobile - light
    TGP Mobile - dark
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