Mobius noise?


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I started noticing some noise and swapped pedals in and out of the chain to find that the Mobius is the culprit. For some reason it seems most noticeable on trems. Anyone else notice this and fix it?

I bought a Pedal Power 4x4 mainly to avoid this; any ideas?


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I've found that Mobius settings with LFOs (trem, rotary) can induce noise in other pedals - i.e., the noise is there even when the mobius isn't even in the signal chain. Try moving the mobius away from power supply and various other pedals to see if that helps.


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Is your power supply underneath the Mobius? If so, that may be the culprit. Always with the trems. My Flint did the same. So does the Mobius...


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Didn't really try it... the point of buying the PP 4x4 was to avoid noise.

Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions.

The power supply could still be the culprit: If it got hooked up to one of the 100 mA outputs, the Mobius may try to draw more than that and noise would be expected.

Do you still have the Mobius' original power supply? If so, try it out. Running the Mobius on that supply is just as isolated as running it from any other power long as no daisy-chaining is added.

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