Mobius vs M5 vs Zoom MS70CDR vs...


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I'm looking for a mod pedal that can cover all the bases. I've owned a Line 6 m13 and M9 in the past and liked them for most of the mod stuff so I'm contemplating getting an M5 and then having it modded by JHV3 but I've also seen a lot of love for the MS70CDR. The mobius also intrigues me with some of the more abstract modes like destroyer and formant. I will say I probably use trem the most often so the ability to have a couple different trems is important. Other than that I like to experiment with modulation as I don't use it too often. Looking for feedback from people that have owned multi-mod pedals...?


I have the MS100 (which is pretty much the 70), and I'm telling you, don't underestimate it. It's a brilliant pedal and I wish Zoom would create an updated model with higher DSP and more updated models.
If the Mobius is even remotely on your radar, and your financial situation can handle the investment, just go for it. I'm incredibly happy with my Mobius, and now I'm to the point where I couldn't imagine my pedalboard without it.

It's great, and IMO certainly worth the price of admission.
Bumping this because I'm still kind of searching in this area. Have the Big Sky and Timeline to cover verb and delay, but also want to cover modulation and pitch (if possible). I tried the H9 for awhile and it was cool, but I think a bit too much tweaking for my taste. A lot of settings don't sound good and it's harder to dial in than the Strymon stuff.

The möbius is awesome, but I feel like it takes up too much space on my board for how much I use it (mostly tremolo and a subtle chorus).

What I would love to see is a SA Nemesis-sized multi modulation pedal. 4 presets, easy to changes settings on the fly. Anything else like this exist?

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