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Modding my Melody Maker to sound like an Esquire


I have a 2007 Melody Maker, favorite neck ever with lots of mods already.

Right now it has stock pots and a JB jr pickup but it doesn't sound very well balanced and I don't like the plugged in sound.

Considering putting in a Tele bridge pickup someone gave me from an ESP Ron Wood Tele.

I believe the stock pots are 300k, if I'm trying to get a fat Esquire sound do y'all think the 300k would be right to go with the Ron Wood pickup considering the body is solid mahogany? I've never actually heard this pickup before, hoping it'll work!!

Wanting a bluesy kinda Esquire sound, think Robben Ford's bridge Tele tone or Josh Smith Tele sound.

(I know they don't use Esquires but I wanna work with what I have without adding a second pickup.)


Assuming Esquires use 250k pots, there shouldn't be too much of a difference with the 300ks in the guitar. Might actually be the right thing to brighten up a mahogany guitar and bring it more into Fender territory.

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