modern stompbox clone of the 60's VOX Treble/Bass Booster?


The one the Velvet Underground used. It plugs right into the guitar jack, like the old Dan Armstrong effects. Is there a true, modern clone (in a stompbox, preferably) that nails the tones?



Old thread, I know, but...

Do you know that there are several rebranded (and usually cheaper) units out there? JEN, EUR, ELKA, GEM...these are all the same circuit, built by the same JEN facrory in Pescara, Italy.

Anyway I agree that they're not so easy to use in the contemporary world, so the best solution, IMO, is to build a clone: it is a very simple circuit, 1 tranny, 1 pot, 4 caps and 6 resistors, it will cost you ~5$ of part + jacks, switch and enclosure!

I have an original JEN unit and I can build an exact clone without much effort, since there are no particularly exotic parts in this vintage circuit, and the bias point is solid by design...just don't expect very much "boost": it is basically unity gain with a little boost in the "full bass" or "full treble" settings... :)

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