Modfactor, Tech21 Blonde (putnam mods), Eminence Lil Texas 8 ohm

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For sale, or limited trades: looking for a quality kick drum mic, studio quality headphones, EHX SuperEgo or Iron Lung, Rockett WTF. I'll consider other items, but I'm generally set effects wise. All prices include paypal and USPS shipping in CONUS. Discounts for local pickup in San Diego.

Eventide Modfactor - latest updates, w/ power supply and extra PP red tipped cable, sticker, and non-original eventide box (was for PF). Velcro on the bottom, but rubber plate is included. - SOLD

Tech21 Blonde w/ Putnam XLR, ground lift and speaker disable mods. The battery compartment cover broke, but it is included. W/ papers and tin box. - $85
Sold thx BetterIZ1Day

Eminence Lil' Texas 8ohm guitar speaker - Broken in (+70 hours of use). Takes about 8 pounds off your amp weight (depending), great for sparkly cleans w/ decent bottom. Shipped in a ASW box. - $75

Also selling Yamaha 01v, M-audio Ozonic keyboard/FW interface, M-audio Audiophile 192 in a different thread
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