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Modified ADA MP-1 Big Improvement!


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Hi guys,
As a Christmas present to myself, I bought a few things from Philippe over at the ADA depot too. The Jacks on my MP-1 had crumbled and I needed to install a new battery, so I took the opportunity to do some upgrades. I changed out the transformer for an upgraded one putting 240 volts on the plates and 12 volts on the heaters and a noise mod, replacing roughly 20 caps, resistors and an op amp with higher quality, low noise components.

First off, Philippe is awesome and was very helpful.

The results, The MP-1 is still noisy but it's much more useable now with a lot less compression and a more..foreward sound. More amp-like. It still can't keep up with the Trio or my ecstasy for bottom end but it's much closer and no longer sounds like Niagra falls.

I didn't want to mod it to far and change to overall tone, like the 3TM mod or anything just make it the best version of the original MP-1 it could be.

Pretty cool and fun.

Oh, I hate working on PC boards..

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