Modtone Clean Boost?



Saw this today at a small music shop while visiting in-laws 2 hours away.

Never heard of Modtone, but looks cool. Does anyone know anything about this unit? I'd be interested if the quality is decent and the price is good.

I have never used a clean boost before (i'm currently using a model of a studio eq on my M13 for a solo boost), but would be interested in picking a clean boost up if the size isn't too big (or too small), and decent build and sound quality for good price.


ModTone pedals are rebadged Belcat pedals. You'll see many of the same pedals under different brand names like Rogue, Cruzer by Crafter, Ashland, and Hofner. Build quality is decent and they're really not bad for the money. Never tried the ModTone Clean Boost, though (I use an Xotic EP Booster), but I've tried their chorus, phaser and delay pedals.


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I've tried the Clean Boost at a couple of guitar and amp shows in the past couple of years. It's a good unit, maybe the best they make.

I talked to the ModTone guys at Summer NAMM in 2009. I asked them if their pedals were true bypass. They told me they use three different kinds of bypass, depending on the pedal. Some but not all are TB.


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They are alright for the money. Pretty reliable. Nothing spectacular.

If you want a clean boost there are some better deals out there.

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I have a friend who gigs with one all the time and loves it for boosting solos into any of his various tube amps. Actually, he's on his second since he lent his first to a player from a major act they were opening for, and the guy offered him $100 bucks for it after the show. He took it.

I've got a Belcat FUZ-510 R-fuzz, and it's awesome. Great alternate flavor next to my BJF PPF. It is passive bypass using a mechanical switch, but not true-bypass. No big worries though, the input impedance is way high - like 2Meg.

I tried the Belcat compressor and almost bought it. It was really good, almost transparent except it brightened the tone and added some his. I bet if you added a simple LPF to the output, you could get it sounding pretty neutral and also cut down the hiss.

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