Modulation pedals with Fly Rig 5 or RK5?


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I've been wanting to snag an FR5 since they were released. THEN, I started watching/listening to some RK5 clips and I think it would suit my style of playing much better.

What is everyone using for their modulation sounds (if you use mod, that is)? Is anyone tweaking the delay side to do chorus and then using a separate delay after their FR5/RK5? Or are you running a chorus/phaser/flanger in front it?

A loop would have been awesome (as discussed in earlier threads when the FR5 was announced originally), but I can understand why that wasn't included.

On my everyday pedalboard I am running all of my modulation before my dirt pedals and I was really wanting to pick up a cheaper multi-effects pedal for the times I don't want to drag out the pedalboard - but, for this purpose I was really wanting to achieve a nice chorus sound after dirt.


The delay side is after the sansamp, so post gain. I have a slight drift on the delay and use the tap tempo to make it a really short slap-back that sounds like chorus. When I want to solo or want a longer delay time I use the tap again and it just sounds like an analog delay because of the drift.

If you use chorus and delay a lot I can see how you'd want a separate pedal. It should work fine either before or after.

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