Moen GEC8 Live vs. One Control Crocodile Tail?

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  1. MonstaTone

    MonstaTone Member

    Sep 27, 2012
    I just sold my Line 6 HD500x.

    I'm building a pedal board that will incorporate a Looper/Switcher, as well as midi control for my amps and a TimeFactor pedal.

    Here is what I am thinking:
    Guitar -->
    Wah input (I don't want it in a loop) -->
    Looper input -->
    Booster pedal, Overdrive, Chorus (I like it in front of the amp), Phaser -->
    Looper Send -->

    Amp 1 input (Rivera K-Tre Reverb combo) -->
    Amp 2 input (Rivera R55, modded for more gain and boost mods) -->
    Amps 1 & 2 Send -->
    Looper Loop Returns -->

    Noise Gate in Loop 5 -->
    TC Flashback Delay in Loop 6 -->
    Looper Output -->
    Line 6 M9 (for Looping - the other kind of Looping - only)(not sure I will be able to afford the Pigtronix Looper just yet) -->
    Eventide TimeFactor (outside of Looper for delay tails) -->
    Amp Returns

    For amp control, I will use 2 Voodoo Lab Control Switchers via Midi output of the Looper.
    I would also use midi to control the presets on the TimeFactor.

    TC Electronic Flashback Delay would only be used for Ducking Delay on clean patches.

    This video makes it seem like I can do what I want with the GEC8 Live.
    The GEC8 Live looks like a Crocodile Tail clone with some added features......

    Has anyone used both, or does anyone have any advice on either unit?

    I saw that the Decibel Eleven pedal allows delay trails, but all loops are Series and I would have to buy the Loop Extender to add the delay to my amps' Loops.
    Also, it's much deeper than the two units I'm interested in, and only has 4 preset buttons.
  2. MonstaTone

    MonstaTone Member

    Sep 27, 2012
    I might end up using a TC Flashback X4 instead of a TimeFactor, depending on which one I can find used.
    I really only need 2 or 3 delays (other than the ducking delays for cleans)
  3. LaoTzu

    LaoTzu Member

    Nov 18, 2011
    i had this quandry earlier if your using midi why not get a midi controller? like a bj devices/ fcb1010 have two midi loopers. like the glabs and then controll them with the fcb or midi controller. my current setup is i have two rack trays both with two 4 loops via midi one for the fx loop one for the front end. hooked up via midi to my fcb 1010. with the uno chip mod.
  4. MonstaTone

    MonstaTone Member

    Sep 27, 2012
    I'm trying to stay away from racks.
    I was thinking of something that might all fit on a Pedaltrain PT-2.

    My setup that I've used for years is a Rivera S120 stereo combo with a Digitech GSP1101 and Control 2. I really like this setup, but want to be able to change out FX pedals as I choose. The Digitech's chorus is pretty good, the delays are pretty good (no ducking delay), the whole thing is pretty good but it doesn't sound quite as natural as pedals do. I understand that is the nature of the beast, it's a great compromise/all around solution.

    I'm just weighing options right now. I could go with a G-System a small rack and a couple of pedals and achieve basically the same thing, but the G-System's footswitch is really big.

    In the end, I'm trying to just have a medium size pedalboard and a couple of small combos that I can carry to gigs. 2 trips to the truck and a couple of pedal snakes, I'm setup and ready to rock.

    Way too many choices for a guy that lives on an island and drinks way too much Kona coffee........

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