moen gec9 multiple effects looper question


i recently purchased the moen gec9 looper and i really like it. it does exactly what i hoped....simply things when playing live. anyway, i was wondering if anyone could help me understanding the "latch" loops - the last three loops in the system. btw - i have watched all the videos and read the instructions, but i am still not sure that i fully grasp how they work. so question #1 is: how do they operate different from the series?

i am currently using them as follows (working from end of chain toward signal):

- final loop (9) as a/b for switching channels 1 and 2 or DRRI (amp does not have an effects loop, so i am not interested on any thing relative to that)
- the ones just before that (7 and 8). i thought they were getting parallel/separate signals, but it would seem that my delay located in loop 7 is feeding my delay in 8, which i do not want....i want separate dry signals to just go directly to 7 and 8 so they are fed from the original that possible?

any information, explanations, or recommendations on how these loops work would be very much appreciated.

thanks, doug


I have a GEC9, purchased from Ebay, at the beginning I don't understand separate(latch) loops clearly then I sent an email to their suppor team (you may find on their website) and got helpful informaiton, it works exactly as I want now.
I'd say the separate(latch) loops give thousands of connection possibilities, separated from the series loop chain, the separate loops can be used as series or parallel signal path or as latch/control.

when you use the separte loops as "latching" function, the TIP of "SEND" jack is normally connected to signal GROUND, if you use it to control AMP REVERB channel, the REVERB channel will be off, when you turn on the loop, the TIP of "SEND" will disconnect from GROUND, the REVERB channel will be on, that is how it works.

for DRRI, it needs a stereo cable to fully control 2 channels but be noticed each of GEC9 separate loop jack is mono type, how to solve? - You may build a cable convert two mono (L/R) to a stereo cable or find convert cable on ebay, then use two separate loops (e.g "SEND 8" and "SEND 9") to get full control on your DRRI.

back to your second question, I don't use parallel signal in my setup, do you notice there's a clean buffer output jack in the bottom row - BUF OUT (A.O)? It always outputs a buffered dry guitar signal, if you want parallel signal - this would be the possibility, for example, connect your 1st delay into series loops and your 2nd delay into loop 7, connects BUF OUT (A.O) to IN7 of loop 7, then LOUT1/LOUT2 is 1st delay output and OUT7 of loop7 is the 2nd delay output.


So I just purchased the GEC9 and I had some questions. There doesn't seem to be an on switch, so I assume that plugging the adapter in turns it on. After plugging everything in, there is no power. I notice a ground output, does this thing need to be grounded?

Am I missing something simple or did I receive a defective unit?

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