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Mogami 2319 and a Small R/A Plug


I'm in the process of reconfiguring my pedalboard, moving from a rack-based midi switching system to a floor-based switcher (OneControl Oc-10).

In my rack, I had all my pedals wired up with Mogami 2319 with Switchcraft pancakes at the pedal, and straight Switchcraft 280 plugs into the rack end.

I'm concerned a bit about space now that everything will be on the floor, and I'd like to move to smaller plugs going into the OC-10 to save the extra couple of inches. If possible, I'd really like to just re-solder the existing cables into a smaller jack to save a couple hundred bucks.

Any recommendations?



Gold Supporting Member
If you want smaller straight plugs, get the Switchcraft 380 plugs. The barrel is only 1" long where as the 280 plugs have 1.75" long barrels.

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