Mogami or Sommer cable?

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Has anybody used both of these? I generally use Sommer for a few years now, and I do like it. Low capacitance, sounds good, has lasted. I see a lot of people using Mogami 2524 but is that not a much higher capacitance cable? I.e, more high end loss?

Is there any reason I should look into Mogami and not go for my usual Sommer cables when building a snake?

Curious on people's thoughts here.


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The capacitance in a cable matters most from your guitar until you first point of buffering in your rig. Post buffer it doesn't really matter.
Mogami 2524 is great to work with and is pretty much an industry standard for rig builds.

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Can't compare but with all the GAS I have in other areas (amps, speakers, tubes, effects, etc.), when I tried Mogami Golds, that was it. That was about 10 years ago, and I still have no interest in trying other cables.


Here's the challenge with cable capacitance: low capacitance = brighter and more highs. Higher capacitance tends to roll off the top end.

The general assumption is that low capacitance is best BUT it can often result in a very bright sound.

High capacitance is often frowned upon but it often can help balance out the signal and give a more rounded tone.

It's like the age old which is best battle between TBP, buffered or line driver approach.

I use Mogami 2425 and have no issues. I did use EA Lyric HG2 which I found too bright.

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