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Mojotone British Slant 2X12 is incoming


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Just ordered one of these as we are looking into moving away from the Shiva and JVM's that we currently use and going lower wattage (Bogner 3534, Slo 30 , Suhr PT-15) Short term I'm going to just pull 2 tubes out of my JVM and try a whole slew of speaker combos. I have a pair of UK green backs,
a pair of very early G12t-75's, adn M-65 CreamBack and a UK make V30. all 16 ohm os wired in parallel for an 8ohm cab.
Looking for a little more dispersion than what we we currently get from the recto 2X12's and the 1936 cabs we've been using.
Was really tough to decide between Mojotone, SourMash and Stage craft. (this forum is so full of conflicting opinions.)
Saw one of these on reverb and made an offer and we went back and forth a bit and came to an agreed price. the configuration of the cab was already pretty much exactly how I
would've spec'd it out on the site so it actually worked out being quite a bit cheaper to get it through the reverb listing.
any of you guys that own these please tell me you're happy with them LOL, I hate having to "buy to try" but in this instance it was unavoidable.
the other guitarist I'm playing with is on the fence between these the Slammin 2X12 but I could't find much info on people who are using those that gig with them
so I am the guinea pig for this cab.


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Mojotone cab quality always impresses me. I recently ordered a custom size on their Canyon 2x12, basically a 1966B cab (24x24x12). The stock Marshall sizes are better for looks and sound however for portability ive always loved the 1966/1965 series so I had one made. Really love it and the cab build is top notch.
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