Hello everybody, I have come to realize he Infinity Speakers with the yamaha amp do not satisfy me, so I thought of getting a pair of amplified monitors for my home studio, I have recieved warm thoughts about the EVENT 2020, my budget run between 200-300USD and I thought of ebay as an option. any suggestions?

Also, although not related to the subject I thought probably some of you could help me out. I am looking for a nice synth with good keyboard on it, good samplings, nice versitile patterns and harmonics, good touch, and around the 500$ limit. I really love the Virus access KB though could not find any anywere. Also thought of the Alesis Ion, Korg MS-2000, and such (also recieved very warm suggestion about the roland w30) what do you think (this is for my electronic music me:)

Thanks a lot


I bought a pair of JBL LSR25p monitors on Ebay for $290.00. I think they're a great sounding set for the money.

Also, I was listening to some new sets of monitors over the week end. One of the brands demo'd was the Truth monitors by Beringer. I didn't care for them personally but another guy that was there liked them a lot. They were around $300.00 a pair brand new.

The monitors that made me want to pull my Visa out was the Mackie 624's. I will have these someday soon .............. hopefully.


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I have a pair of passive Event 20/20 monitors, they are really good in my somewhat inexperienced opinion. I'd love to have a set of Mackie 624s as well :D



I have a pair of KRK Rokit RP5's and they sound pretty nice and decent for the money. I'll upgrade when i have the excess cash, but for now they're great for what i need them for. The downside of the RP5 is that they don't take deep low end and punchy bass very hard kicks and slap bass type sounds don't fare to well, but they are tiny monitors. KRK makes slightly larger versions, the RP6 and RP8, so these may be more for you, and they're fairly inexpensive too....made in China! :)

Regarding the Behringer Truth, I just heard a pair for quite an extended period of time and i can honestly say that i don't like them very much. All shrill highs and really low lows. Artificially very clear, very Hi-Fi in not a good way... If that makes sense. We A/B'ed the Truths with a pair of NS-10Ms and the NS-10s sounded so much warmer and refined compared to the Truths.

Anyways, just my opinion, hope this helps.


Get whatever monitors sound good.

The virus is way out of your price range, and the ion doesn't use samples or do sampling, it does virtual analog. So does the virus, by the way. And so does the korg ms 2000.

If you want a sample based synth there are many on the market, and none of the $500 ones is very good.

Look for something used. Old digital synths are pretty cheap, and the better ones still sound great. Something like a Kurzweil or Yamaha SY99 can be gotten for your price range, and will sound a lot better than a new $500 synth, but not better than...

A software synth.


Here's a link to a free soft synth program that was in a cubase newsgroup-

Here's a link to one of their demos for it -

other's are posted on the above site-

I'm new to this whole deal, literally unpacking and plugging in some gear this weekend -

But for a guy who was bedazzled by the Mini-moog when it first came out, etc - IT'S UNBELIEVABLE what the average ordinary girl or guy has tool-wise these days :eek: !


the little rokits that sell for around $300 are surprisingly good! you'll need a decent amp, though. if you're willing to spend a bit more ($650), the tannoy reveal actives are very decent. i have a pair.



Thanks alot all of you

I believe I'll end up with a pair of active 20/20, and see from there.

about the synth, thanks again, I believe I am now a bit smarter:) , though I prefer virtual analog on these. well tought of the Korg MicroKorg, have you tried that one?



I really like my JBL LSR-25's. Paid $275 for a near new pair;-) Seem to provide a nice flat qaulity...of course YMMV

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