Mono M80 DUAL Case questions and conundrums - is it worth it vs single cases?


Mono Dual Cases are expensive but they seem like the best solution for carrying two axes. I already own an M80 electric and an M80 Acoustic (which carries my Gretsch, Martin or 335). Now I am trying to decide the best dual combo. This seems especially true when going to places where you really want to keep both guitars close to you to avoid theft.

Option 1: Dual Acoustic/Electric - Would the smartest choice be the dual acoustic/electric so I can carry any combo of guitars? Sure it would be great to have an acoustic and a 335. But on those gigs I want to take a Strat and Les Paul is this just too loose? Also is the Dual Acoustic way too large in general? Esp fitting into smaller cars?

Option 2: Dual Electric - this might be the "smaller option". Sure I can't take a 335 in it but for a single guitar jam or a gig where I need 2 or a backup is this a good way to go? Only problem here is you then have to carry an acoustic in a separate case. Also, the M80 electric is small and light, esp with the Guitar Tick mini-pedal board bag. Going dual only might be a little big.

One more question: Would it be worth selling one or both of my existing bags? I don't want a pile of expensive cases.

Can anyone with dual case experience advise me? Has anyone regretted going dual or is the way to go?


i love mine. i had no need to look the acoustic/electric version. but i do have extended range guitars so that ruled out other brands of double gig bags unless i wanted their bass versions.

i think its easy to carry and really protects my guitars. lots of storage room for other stuff too. seems really well made.

it seemed expensive at the time but for how much i use it and how well its made i now think it was worth every penny.

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