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You know it is often anymore that you get a high quality product, friendliness ,service and a more than fair price
When it happens it should be noted..We all seem to make a bunch of noise about our bad experiences but seldom say anything about the good ones well i had a good experience that i feel should be noted..
Yesterday i meet Duderanimous maker of Monsterpiece Fuzz pedals..I have been looking for a Fuzz face styled pedal for sometime and have goNe through many in my search..

I know i wasn't doing a great job of explaining what exactly i was wanting out of this fuzz face..
So Richard (Duderanimous) suggest i just come over and he would lay out some pedals for me to try..
Lets keep in mind he doesn't know me from Adam and the only communication we have had is on this forum..

He does not have a store front but works out of his home..When i arrived after several phone calls he welcomed me at the door offered refreshments then took me to his laboratory..
I am not a electrically engineer but i do have knowledge of what quality work is and there on his work bench was all kinds of fuzz pedals in different stages of build..The first thing i could not help but to notice was how clean and meticulous his work is and the quality of the components..
It was also evident how much pride he takes in what he is doing..He really does care about putting out a quality product and not just making a buck..

He then grabbed up a arm load of pedals and took me into his studio..I will also say at this time i have a issue with my wrist that swells up after extended playing and i was not sharp at all..Plus with all these toys laying around i was half brain dead..
He let me fumble around for close to an hour switching in and out pedals explaining there functions and differences till i finally decided upon what i wanted..
Not only this but there was another pedal there by a different maker i was interested in out of his own collection and he gladly plugged it in just so i could demo it..

Richard was a very cool dude to be around made me feel relaxed and comfortable and never in a hurry just to make a sale and shuffle me out the door ..It was a pleasure to do business with him..

Bottom line though all this does not mean anything if the pedal isn't worth a rats ass if the pedal doesn't produce..
Well i'm not going to get into a complicated explanation of the pedal i will leave that up to Duderanimous he knows his stuff ..

What i will say is the Monsterpiece GE is one hell of a pedal..I have not plugged it into my JCM800 yet but through my Blues JR it is a ton of tone..It is as easy as falling out of a boat and hitting water as it is to find quality usable tones on this fuzz pedal..

The biggest thing i have noticed is the range of tones with it..In my limited 3 hours with it i have dialed in everything from mild overdrive rolling back the volume on my Strat to a thick saturated Fuzz not quite muff like but well beyond the rasppy fuzz face tone although that is in there also..The sustain is intense to say the least..What also is amazing is the single note clarity it can produce with changing your picking attack..If you stompon the voice switch it drops the bass and it says in he literature that its a slight difference well i'm here to tell ya its a lot more than slight in a very pleasing way..The two bias controls unlike some boxes does a lot more than just change the bias to a weaker signal it changes tone pitch ,saturation ,Thickness,sustain,raspyness and so much more..
At this time i cannot say how it will cut through the mix but with all the capabilities this pedal has i can see no reason why it wouldn't..

Bottom line ..This is not only a fantastic pedal but the maker is a pleasure to work with..In todays overpriced boutique market here is another builder like Paul C who takes pride in his work and offers high quality well built pedals that should last a life time as well being a great guy what else could you ask for ? Well a fair price is always good..I'm happy to say he is far cheaper then 95% of the builders out there..Richard keep up the good work:aok
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hey, thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate that. It was a pleasure having you over :)

Every time you started on another riff, all I could think was "dude! this guy has excellent taste in music!" :D


Richard's work is fantastic, have you seen how clean the guts of his pedals are! And they sound just as delicious.

The NPN is one of best fuzz boxes available..... at a decent price too.


I have to chime in here. I just received a Classic Jr., and it is outstanding. I like it more than my old Sunface!

It works after my wah, it is dead quiet, and adds that perfect germanium warmth to my tone. Turn up the fuzz knob and it gets wild; at 2 o'clock it is all warm, friendly, and clear. All my amps benefit from its touch. Kuddos!


Fantastic fuzz pedals and equally great customer service.

Great stuff.


Richard is as good as they come, and the Ge is as good as it gets. My Ge is never going anywhere.


i've had a monsterpiece pnp i bought off richard in 2006 - its never left my board - absolutely killer fuzz.


Couldn't agree more. I was astounded the first time I looked inside one of the Monsterpiece pedals. They are an incredible value for what they cost. If he doubled the price of them they'd still be a great value.

Mk 1.5 x 2

Are all great pedals that hang with the best imo. I would still like to try the PNP (I believe that is correct) Ge/Si hybrid fuzzface and probably a Tonebender Mk III. All of my friends and fellow guitar players have talked me out of the Monsterpiece fuzzes I've had so far so I am due for another one or two. I actually started buying them up from the message boards I frequent specifically for friends of mine before I even told them about the product because I was so certain they would like them. I was right!


Like a lot of members here I have a fair amount of boutique effects and my Monsterpiece is hands down the most sturdy, solid, and immaculately wired pedal I've ever seen. Goes without saying that it sounds great too.

Bobby D

i a gonna demo one of these fine fuzzes SOON -- i like that MKIII 3 transistor fuzz he makes, gonna get my JEFF BECK on with it ;)


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My Scratchy Snatch is the most versatile, organic and thick sounding fuzz I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I never think of taking it off my board. When I finally get another fuzz it'll be from Monsterpiece. Thanks Richard!

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