Monsterpiece Stud - Still Got Yours ?


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Lots of older threads...

Simple question: Still Got and Use Yours ? Is it a keeper after the honeymoon ?

The internals look amazing...


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Quite a few seem to get flipped.

Dudearanious (I think that is his handle) is a great dude to work with and actually returns emails.


I'll let you know post honeymoon (whenever that is, not sure if it's an agreed upon period?).

Should have mine in a few days direct from Richard.

I've had a MkII>AD2000>NPN 3 headed monster on my board since 2008 - so I'm expecting big things from the STUD too, which I'm sure I'll get.


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i'd like to try a stud. i owned the arc & that pretty much nailed it. i have a zombie fredric incoming to demo up.

all klons & klones get flipped at a regular pace. i think it indicates the ambivalence that people have with this type of circuit, more than being underwhelmed or fickle. i do tire of the higher gain stage and when you look down at the real estate monster most are {including the klones}, and god forbid the cash cow of the original, i think the gears start spinning. put it this way, the hot cake is just as good in every sense with a better gain structure when partnered with a vox. i think the klon rips with 6L6 & 6V6 tubes, so good.

there we go.

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Why yes, I just used mine on my wife this morning. Oh, you meant that Monsterpiece Stud.


I got sucked into the whole Klon thing in the last couple months (thanks TGP) and started collecting the klones. So far I have the Stud, JHS, ARC, and should have a Pheonix next week. Of course I'm waiting for the KTR and both Aluminum Falcons. One of my bros has a real one that we will compare at some point.

My first thoughts were that the JHS didn't sound right and had less output compared to the others and it had a full time buffer which made comparing them all in line a bit difficult. The ARC and the Stud were very close but the stud seemed a tad bit fatter to me. I assume the fatness could be due to the type of construction/extra capacitance from wire runs and ptp etc.

So far I went with the Stud because I liked the extra fatness and it fit nicely on my board. My only beef is that these pedals are sooo loud and it's hard get the volume set where it's not too loud or too soft, volume is very touchy on mine. I'm going to try the ARC next on my board if I can get it to fit.

So I got into all this to see what the fuss is about and I kinda like the pedal so far, it's a good sounding pedal much to my surprise. I also like the sound of these with the gain turned up. The ARK with the gain dimed gives single notes a nice bloom and has tons of sustain.

The Stud is a killer, very nicely built pedal that's not too big. But I'll have to see who wins out in the end.


I really like my Stud. I wish I could say I had more experience with others, but this is the only Klon{e} circuit I've played. I bought it thinking I would just think its okay and not great. And for a few days or so I didn't understand why do many people dig it. Once I finally found the right combo with my amp settings, I actually slightly prefer it over my regular amp tone. I'm using it in a '63 CS Tele > '66 Vibrolux reverb.

That being said, I'm perfectly content with my Stud and have no desire to try any other Klones.


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I just had to sell mine!
BUT I stand by every word in my review. It's a great pedal. He's a great dude. It's a Klon and more. And the workmanship and purchase experience were great. This pedal is a win.


I'm really loving mine. I've only had it a few weeks now but it's great. I've been using it as less of a clean boost and more of a drive. I keep the gain around 1 o'clock and it rips! The only complaint I have about it is that there's too much treble, as least for my tastes anyways.


Mine isn't always on my board, but I love it and would never sell it. I like my AF a little better (disclaimer: I've never played a real klon), but can't say which is more like the real thing. And the STUD screams when the gain is turned up high. That is my favorite way to use it actually.
I've had my stud for a few months, and have no plans of selling it. Really good pedal, especially at thickening while retaining clarity.


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I got my stud over a month ago and I absolutely love it. Richard (aka Duderanimous) at Monsterpiece is great to deal with. A true gemtleman. I got the TB version. Alone it is awesome. Stacked with my Tim, it is awesome. Stacked or not, it just makes everything better IMO. I often think about trying one of the other klones, but I find myself thinking about why I need another klone when this one works brilliantly. I would recommend it to anyone looking. If you look around you can often find some people getting rid of them and score a good deal. Otherwise Richard is top notch AND you can get it customized to your liking.


Mine is always on and always will be. Sounds excellent

Yep! :aok

The STUD is the one pedal I cannot live without. Always on, always producing amazing tone no matter what guitar I use it with. I've had most of the other Klones, played the real thing and the STUD is the one that I'll never get rid of. As mentioned before, Rich is a great guy to deal with and this pedal is an excellent example of his remarkable craftsmanship.


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I got a STUD from Richard a few weeks ago, and I love it.

He was nice enough to build it in the 1790-sized enclosure per my request, and I even got to pick the color and the knobs.

Most importantly, I love the way it sounds. Right now my I'm mostly playing a telecaster through a Princeton reverb, and with the gain set low (9-oclock) it really adds a 'piano' quality of fatness to the notes.
Lots of clarity, just a hint of grit.

I even like the tone when I turn up the gain. Richard was a pleasure to deal with, and I can see no reason why I would ever want to sell this pedal.

I first figured the klon/klone sound was for me when I picked up an AF1 (with a true bypass / buffer switch) off the emporium. The pedal sounded great and got me hooked on that sound, but I quickly figured something was wrong with it, as it only worked when in true bypass mode, but I really preferred the bypass tone when it was buffered (it would pass signal, but vol/gain/tone did nothing). I contacted Dave at PCE, and he graciously offered to fix it free of charge. Obviously, he has since had some major problems that have been discussed at length elsewhere, but I found out yesterday that my AF1 is coming back to me repaired and will be here Monday.

Before I flip it, I plan on running it with the STUD for a bit, to see if they stack nicely, or not - one set low gain, the other with it maxed. WHo knows, maybe I'll keep both.

here's a photo of my STUD (SagitTarian Ultimate Drive)


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