Monte Allums Boss DS1 rectifier Tri Gain Mod


Haven't seen any reviews on this so:

I got a new DS1 for Christmas. 80's Hair Metal in a Box pedal. A little harsh, but it's got the sound. Of course, I need little projects to work on at home and have a hard time leaving things alone.

I purchased the Monte Allums Kit and it was at my house within a couple of days. Took me a couple of hours to perform the mods, but I was really just going kinda slow as I was adjusting to a night shift. Monte recommends that you perform one mod at a time and check after each mod to find which part was the mistake. It's a very good plan, but I didn't follow it (I would have been mad if something went wrong though! :jo). The mod was easier than I expected and I didn't burn anything up with my soldering iron.


In the 1N914 switch position, the gain takes on a fat smooth sound. It's similar to stock, but a fatter and smoother, just a tad. Still 80's hair metal. The out put is a fair amount less than the other two positions.

In the Diode Lift position, it's very crunchy and nothing like a stock DS1. This is a great crunchy sound. It's much louder than the 1N914 postion.

In the LED position, it's very similar, but this really responds to the way you pick and guitar volume. This makes the pedal very useable for many situations. This is worth the price of admission alone. It's almost as loud as the diode lift position. I really like this mod. It really goes from being 80's metal to a much more flexible sound. You won't get metal out of this side, but rock and blues are great.

Very good mods that don't really take away from the original intent of the pedal.


Did the Tri-gain on mine but I believe the diodes were 1N4008 not 914s. Either way all three positions are usable!

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