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It's been less than a year since I first heard of Monte Montgomery. A friend turned me on to him and I think he is simply incredible and a bit unorthodox, which is what appeals to me in spades. His sense of rhythm and groove and timing is wicked and the fact that he plays like he does on an acoustic...a la Tommy Emmanuel...just puts him in a very elite group of musicians.

If you haven't heard him, try this:

If you have heard him, share your favorite songs!


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One of those musicians who makes one want to drag all your guitars in a pile & have a lil bonfire...

I get it, but I have to admit that I tend to get more inspired to learn something from players like Monte. Even if it's like 1% of a lick of riff or something from their technique that I can pick up and incorporate into my style. I try to glean something from them rather than just give up.


Just watched the end of a live Facebook stream Monte did from home. He said he plans to be doing
this every Saturday for the near future.
Setlist played tonight... 1 Moonlight Tango,
2 Wishing Well, 3 Sara Smile (cover), 4 Truck Drivin’,
5 You Mean The World To Me, 6 It’s Alright, 7 All On Me,
8 Smiling Face (cover), 9 Sunday Song, 10 Love To The People,
11 Let Me Go, 12 I Know You By Heart, 13 Could Have Loved You Forever,
14 Welcome To Green Town, 15 Rocky Mountain High (short cover),
16 The Fall, 17 In The Air Tonight (cover), 18 1st and Repair,
19 I Can't Hide, 20 River, 21 Pinball Wizard


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I remember reading about Monte in a Guitar Player magazine in the early 2000’s. A few weeks later I’m in the car and I heard this scorching, tortured electrified acoustic and knew it had to be Monte Montgomery and it was.

Incendiary performance right here:



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He’s a master! I’m a longtime fan. He’s just incredible musician/singer/songwriter. One of a kind A/E tone too.

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