Sold Mooer Elec Lady (electric mistress clone)


Paypalled and shipped
Elec Lady $65

Trade Interests
Fulltone, Mini Deja Vibe Stereo), Choralflange, Soul Bender, OCD v1, v2
Retro Sonic Chorus, Phaser, Distortion
Boss CS-2
Analogman –Sunface BC108, Peppermint Fuzz, Juicer
Keeley- Red Dirt Overdrive
Hartman Flanger
Sweet Sound Mojo-Vibe, Mo Faux Vibe, Pi Face
KR Musical Vibe, Gypsy Fuzz
Hermida Audio Zen drive 1 or 2
JHS Superbolt, Morning Glory
BK Butler Tube Driver w Bias Knob
Throbak Overdrive Booster
Cornish SS2, SS3, P2,G2, LD-3, NB-3
MXR vintage or reissue Dyna Comp or Phase 90, Super Comp, Custom Comp
Timmy Blue Version
Suhr Riot Reloaded, Koko Reloaded
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power AC
Peterson Strobostomp 2, Strobo Classic
TC Electronics Nova Delay, Stereo Chorus/Flanger
Strymon El Capistan
Lovepedal Eternity handwired or other versions
Rockbox Boiling Point
Soldano GTO
Pedaltrain Hex
Empress Buffer +, and Tape Delay
ProAnalog Dual Drive
Buffalo FX Pedals
Dover Drive
Carl Martin Rock Bug
Klon KTR

Alan Hinds Overdrive
Maxon OD-9
Maxon Sonic Distortion
Thomas Organ Crybaby
Mister Crybaby Super
Foxrox CC Hybrid
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