Moog Minifooger Ring V1 vs V2 ?


Aside from cosmetics, does anyone know if there are any differences between the original all-black Minifooger Ring Modulator (MFSRING01) and the new version with the black-and-grey faceplate (MFS-RING-02)?

I'm particularly interested to find out if they changed a couple of things that made me get rid of the first version:

1) When you turned it on, it went Bing! like The Machine That Goes Bing! from Monty Python's Meaning of Life. The tone of the Bing! was determined by the frequency of the carrier wave. I found this sound irritating, especially if the ring mod was before a delay.

2) When you were done playing a passage (on an Etherwave theremin in my case), the carrier signal would linger for a moment before fading out, so the end of every passage sounded the same.

Aside from those two things, I loved the first version of the Minifooger Ring. If Moog got rid of the annoying bits, I will certainly buy version 2.

I'd also be interested in finding out other changes Moog made to the pedal, if any.



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Step up and get the big version, it's an awesome pedal. The ring stuff is great, and on the low freq setting you also get one very nice sounding tremolo.

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