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Mooretone aluminum bridge


The language and tone of that auction text is a huge turn-off.
Agreed for the most part, but no. 7000 (Aircraft) Aluminium does rings like a bell. In fact, Nik Huber Guitars uses a custom made Aluminium sustain block under his Huber designed tremolo! And I do believe TOM bridges are also made from Aluminium. I have doubts about the baseplate, IF its also made from Aluminium...


The Mooretone Tremolo Bridge, is a single piece Bridge, precision milled from a solid billet of secret Alloys--ultra hard, with un-paralleled sustainal and grounding improvements!!
Secret? If they don't mention a patent (or patent pending status), then sorry...it ain't "secret." Maybe they mean trade secret...are there any revolutionary new aluminum alloys? I don't know...

Like Eagle said, Dimarzio did this ages ago.

The lack of correct references for unit-measurements when quoting numeric data also throws up red flags.

Hey, maybe it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but perhaps they ought to think about getting a better copy writer if they intend to sell this on it's technical merits.



Silver Supporting Member
>>titanium is as strong as some steels, but 45% lighter<< per Wiki FWIW
So, like a lot of things I don't understand the first comparison.
They do say 'awsome' however and clearly mean awesome.
They also say 'unbelievable' and I am inclined to agree, although, I like the solid block idea in principle, I would have only a vague idea how it sounds based on the blurb.
They also market 'ALL ALUMINUM' vintage amps, I see. Another breakthrough?

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