More amp advice please........



I posted a while ago asking if a Budda Superdrive II would be the answer to my amp needs. The good thing it appears it could be, but after doing a little more research there are so many other options available :bkw.

Here is my amp wish list:

* Something that will be suitable for studio/small gig use;

* Clean, cleans and with good head room, but not over bright with single coils;

* Will take effects well including reverb in front of the amp, if no loop and if no reverb on the amp;

* Will get me to some 80's rock sounds with or without pedals.

I play mainly dirty/grunge style blues along with 80's type rock, so here is my list of amps to try and get to play before I buy:

  • * Budda Superdrive II 30watt head;

    * Blackstar Artisan 15watt head (although a fellow member suggests this is a bright when used clean with a tele - so may not be for me);

    * HiWatt Studio/Stage head;

    * Cornford 35 Hell Cat;

    * Matamp 1224 mk2
Do you guys have any thoughts?

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