More knobs, switches, buttons and blinking lights = better tone. Change my mind.


I would have thought that TGP is the kind of place where a much higher proportion of people than normal prefer less switches.

For younger/Less experienced/poorer musicians, having one piece of gear which does it all is always appealing. It certainly used to be the case that Line 6, Zoom many other companies sold really well at the lower end of the market. Easy sell for someone who’s parents are buying the, their first rig - “this one box has all the sounds you need”.

And there is lots of professional gear with plenty of switches. I would love a Mobius - I think it sounded great. But even in the store, I struggled. And that was with the sales guy right beside me (who used one in his rig). I hate the idea of having to scroll through menus in front of an audience when I find out that the sound I had setup at home just doesn’t quite work live with the band.

So for me, sorry but I prefer one or two great sounds than 100 good sounds. Easy for me to say since I mainly play blues rock.

I’d be interested in hearing from folks who gig with the opposite view. Plenty of pros use Strymon and Eventide live.

Isn't the saying... "If your amp has more than 6 knobs on it chances are you're one of them"? ;)

Anyway, I like knobs and switches. Even if once set you end up leaving them alone you'll at least be closer to the tone you want.


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Ha, worked for me with my V3M. Of course that's just me -probably do just as well with a single channel mv amp and less switches.


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I don't think that it means better tone at all. But, for me at least, it means more tones. My rig looks like the Vegas strip at night but it's all in an attempt to add versatility and control. The best tone can be had with a guitar, a cord and an amp but that is one main tone. A really good one with some versatility from pickup selection and guitar controls but still, a single base tone.

Tokyo at night:


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Not better, but more likely to find the tone that best suits you when the designer does not share your taste in tone (since tone is subjective)


More knobs, switches, etc often means greater control and tweak ability, which can lead to better tone for those with the patience to really dial it in. Me personally, I prefer simple so the fewer knobs and switches the better. I have less issue with 6 knob pedals than 18 knob 6 switch 4 channel amps. I think if there is such a thing of a "pure tone," it's mostly amp based. Add a pedal, be it a Bad Bob or a Mobius, it's still de-purifying that tone to some degree. More pedal knobs dont have anything to do with this, just gives you more control.

I love pedals, so I'm not preaching here. 2 boards with 9 and 6 pedals respectively, and 2 more pedals on the floor. But my amps are old school non MV non channel switchers.

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