More low-volume JCM 800 - boosted this time

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    Related to my other thread here's another low-volume JCM 800 demo. The Marshall is used on the leads which are boosted using various drives from my Line 6 M13. (Apologies for the terrible SR-16 sounds, haha.)

    Amp: 1983 Marshall JCM 800 4014 2x12 combo with G12-65 speakers. NOS pre's (I believe they're Bugle Boy or Amperex), recent issue JJ EL34s.

    Lead guitar: 2006 Les Paul Std Premium+ with WCR Godwood pickups. Marshall: everything on 5 except master volume on 1-2. Shure beta 57A half way between the center and edge of the speaker.

    The trem is from my Mesa Mark V--was playing around with the 10-watt settings and wanted to lay something down. But the JCM low channel would have probably sounded even better! :D

    Cowboy tune #2 Sorry--you kinda have to wait out the verses...

    (If anyone writes lyrics that might fit this, let me know! Full credit.)

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